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The District Attorney’s Office is made up of multiple prosecution departments that specialize in certain types of cases. To get more information about any of our departments, please click one of the links below.

Major Units | Diversion Services | Specialty Units | Other Programs

Major Units

  • Discovery

    The discovery department is responsible for overseeing the release of information, facts, documents and other materials that are used to prosecute a case. The accused person in a case has the right to obtain copies of this information.

  • District Court

    District Court is responsible for the prosecution of felony criminal cases.

  • County Court

    County Court is responsible for the prosecution of all misdemeanor and traffic offenses.

  • Juvenile Prosecution

    Juvenile Prosecution is responsible for the handling of cases in which the defendant is a youth, ages 17 years and younger.

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    Diversion Services

  • Adult & Juvenile Diversion

    The Juvenile and Adult diversion program is designed to hold juveniles and adults accountable for their behavior and to recognize and repair the harm they have done to their victims and the community.

  • Human Trafficking

    The Human Trafficking Diversion Program aims to provide much needed resources to individuals who are victims of human trafficking and sex trade so that they may pursue a safer and more stable future.

  • Neighborhood Justice Center (NJC)

    The Neighborhood Justice Center is a mediation department offering conflict resolution services to the community and courts to allow citizens an opportunity to discuss and resolve their own conflicts in a creative and economical manner.

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    Specialty Units

  • DUI Court

    The purpose of the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Court is to protect the defendant and the public from the many dangers associated with drunk driving.

  • Domestic Violence Fast Track Program

    The 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Fast Track Program allows for early intervention and treatment of offenders and safe court participation for victims in misdemeanor domestic violence cases.

  • Economic Crime Division (ECON)

    The Economic Crime division is responsible for the prosecution of “white-collar” crime and businesses engaged in deceptive trade practices.

  • Felony Intake

    The Felony Intake Unit accepts and reviews cases from law enforcement agencies to determine what, if any, felony charges should be filed and pursued in court.

  • Investigations

    The Investigations department provides the District Attorney’s Office with pre-trial investigative services and trial support.

  • Recovery Court

    Recovery Court is a diversion court for first time offenders who were in possession of a small quantity of drugs.

  • Special Victims Unit (SVU)

    The Special Victims Unit is responsible for the prosecution of felony sex assaults, felony child abuse and homicides, assault against the elderly and at-risk adults and sex offender registration violations.

  • Veterans Trauma Court

    Veterans Trauma Court provides an alternative to incarceration for U.S. military veterans with trauma spectrum disorders who have been charged with a lower level felony.

  • Victim Advocacy

    The Victim Advocacy department assists victims of crime in navigating through the process of being a victim by providing information on the criminal just system, victim compensation assistance and providing referrals to community agencies and organizations.

  • Victim Assistance Law Enforcement (VALE)

    The Victim and Witness Assistance and Law Enforcement (VALE) fund has been created specifically for the purpose of supporting and assisting victims and witnesses of crime.

  • Victim Compensation

    The Victim Compensation department works in conjunction with the Colorado Crime Victim Compensation Program to assist victims of violent crimes.

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    Other Programs Supported by Our Office

  • Not One More Child

    Not One More Child is a community approach to preventing child abuse and neglect.

  • Substance Abuse for Pregnant Women

    The Substance Abuse for Pregnant Women program aims to provide incarcerated women who are pregnant with support and tools to overcome their addiction.

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