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Felony Intake

  • Felony cases may only be filed by the District Attorney in Colorado. Police officers arrest suspects on felony charges and suggest appropriate charges to the District Attorney’s Office. However, the final decision on whether a person is charged with a felony and what felony is charged always rests with the District Attorney’s Office. This is an important function of our office because it means that a second review is made of any potential felony case to determine whether charges are appropriate.

  • Law enforcement agencies send cases to the District Attorney’s Office for a filing decision when they discover a crime has been committed. The Intake Unit accepts and reviews those cases to determine if and what charges should be filed. The Deputy District Attorneys (DDAs) and filing paralegals in the Intake Unit are responsible for reviewing and making filing decisions on felony cases as they are received. The District Attorney’s Office may ask for an additional investigation to be completed before a final decision is made. If charges are filed, the case is then sent to the appropriate District Court division to be prosecuted in court.

  • This unit is made up of two full-time Deputy District Attorneys (DDA), two paralegals, four legal assistants, one case processor and one records manager. DDA’s throughout the office rotate through the Felony Intake Unit to assist with the case load.