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Recovery Court

  • Recovery Court, formerly known as Drug Court and HEALS Court, is a program for high risk defendants who have a drug addiction that is the primary cause of their criminal behavior. Eligible defendants have many types of felony charges, ranging from drug possession charges to other non-violent felonies which are drug-related and/or drug motivated.

    Participants must actively engage in treatment, make regular court appearances, complete all urinalysis drug tests, and are intensively supervised by probation and the Recovery Court team. The primary goal of the Recovery Court is to increase public safety by reducing recidivism of repeat offenders, and to give the support and supervision necessary to participants so they can be successful in recovering from their drug addiction.

    Recovery Court defendants have a high rate of success of graduation, a low level of recidivism, and are able move into successful lives as contributing members of society.

Minimum qualifications of Recovery Court are:

  • • Defendant must recognize that he/she has a drug addiction.
  • • Defendant’s charges and criminal history must be related to drug addiction.
  • • Defendant must reside in 4th Judicial District.
  • • Defendant must be eligible for probation.

For more details, visit the Recovery Court Website: Recovery Court