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Substance Abuse for Pregnant Women

  • The Substance Abuse for Pregnant Women program was established in 2018 by a committee consisting of representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, El Paso County Courthouse, Department of Human Services, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and treatment providers. The objective of the program is to provide incarcerated women who are pregnant with support and tools to overcome substance abuse.

    Participation in Substance Abuse for Pregnant Women is a condition of bond or probation that can only be ordered by a judge. Women are considered for the program when the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) provides a list of incarcerated women with a “medical condition” to Pretrial Services.

    At Pretrial Services the women are screened by a judge for a bond which may include an inpatient substance abuse program. If accepted, the women will be released directly to an inpatient program as a condition of bond. The same program may be ordered by a judge post-sentencing as a condition of probation or a condition of deferred sentence.

    Pretrial Services has a continuous review process for women who are not initially released to an inpatient substance abuse program. Through the continuous review process, women who were not initially accepted may be eligible in future reviews and could potentially be released to an inpatient program.

    The eligible inpatient centers included in the Substance Abuse for Pregnant Women program are Crossroads, Mother’s House, The Bloom Recovery Home and The Haven.

  • Please review these fliers for additional information on each program

    Crossroads Intensive Residential Treatment

    Haven Mothers's House

    The Haven

    Bloom Recovery Home

  • Please visit these websites for outpatient resources in our community that offer similar services:

    Homeward Pikes Peak

  • Mary’s Home

  • Harbor House Clinic

  • Bloom Recovery Home