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4th Judicial
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  • The Investigations Division is the investigative arm of the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, and is comprised of a Chief Investigator, two Deputy Chief Investigators, twenty-one Investigators and three part time or Cares Act investigators, all of whom are P.O.S.T. certified peace officers with an average of 21 years of law enforcement experience. Each of our Investigators have specialized training and many of them provide expert courtroom testimony in a variety of areas such as Ten-Print Fingerprint Comparisons for Habitual Criminal Cases, Cell Phone Data Extraction, Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Street Racing Culture and Vehicle Modification, Use of Force and Arrest Control Techniques, Sexual Assaults, Child Abuse, and Child Death Investigations. Our Division is also staffed by an Administrative Assistant, three Process Servers, an Investigative Financial Analyst, and an Evidence Technician.

  • The members of our Division work in partnership with our Deputy District Attorneys and our local law enforcement agencies to conduct pre-trial investigations and to provide support during trials. Our Investigators are on-call to assist with homicide and vehicular homicide investigations, and we are an integral part of the Deadly Force Investigation Team. We also initiate investigations into complex economic crimes, voter fraud, habitual criminals, and victim and witness intimidation cases.

Our Investigators are assigned to select units within our Divisions:

  • The Investigations Division provides investigative assistance and technical support to other law enforcement agencies. We also provide protection to victims and their families, witnesses, and our own attorneys and staff, both to and from court and in the courtroom.

  • Our Division is supported by a team of motivated volunteers who assist us by helping to locate victims and witnesses, conducting criminal history research, and assisting with economic crime and voter fraud related investigations.

  • Working together with our Deputy District Attorneys and our support staff we are a unified team helping our office in the pursuit of justice.