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DUI Court

  • The purpose of the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Court is to protect the defendant and the public from the many dangers associated with drunk driving. It is designed for high risk/high need, repeat DUI offenders.

    Eligible defendants must be probation eligible, have a new felony DUI charge, and have a history of alcohol or poly substance abuse. Participants must actively engage in treatment, make regular court appearances, participate in random sobriety monitoring, regularly attend AA/NA meetings, and are intensively supervised by probation and the DUI Court team.

    The goal is for participants to develop personal lives of sobriety, and experience dramatic improvement in the quality of their lives.

    Review a sample DUI Court Contract Sample DUI Court Contract

    Participants from this program have both a high rate of successfully graduating from the program and a low level of recidivism. This result not only increases public safety, it helps the individual to become a more productive member of society.

For more details, visit the DUI Court Website: DUI Court