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Domestic Violence Fast Track - FAQs

  • Q: What is a bond hearing?

    A: A bond hearing is a court event where the assigned judge will address the bond or bail to be assessed against the Defendant. The bond or bail is put in place to assure the court that the Defendant will come to court on the day(s) he or she is required. At the bond hearing the Court can also address any of the provisions of the mandatory protection order. Victims may attend and are asked if they want to make a statement to the Court about the bond amount or Mandatory Protection Order (MPO).

  • Q: How does a Keep the Peace Order work?

    A: Courts will sometimes allow Defendants to return to the home and collect belongings that are necessary for their everyday life; like cellphones, identification, vehicles, etc. The Order requires the Defendant to obtain a law enforcement escort when returning to the home so that no improper contact occurs between the Defendant and the Victim. It is the Defendant’s responsibility to request that a law enforcement official accompany them to your shared residence to collect their belongings. Law enforcement will get in touch with the victim ahead of time to make arrangements.

  • Q: What is a Pre-Trial Conference?

    A: The pre-trial conference is an opportunity for the Defendant (and their attorney, if they have one) to consider the Deputy District Attorney (DDA)’s plea offer (if there is one). Under Colorado Law, the DDA must consult with the victim regarding the offer to be extended to the Defendant. The Defendant has the option of accepting the offer, counter-offering or declining the offer. If an offer is accepted, the Defendant will be advised and sentencing of the Defendant will occur. If the Defendant declines the offer, the case will be set for trial in the assigned division. As with any court appearance, victims are welcome to attend but are not required to do so. If the victim receives a subpoena, the victim must attend the scheduled court date.